AEC Cross-Cultural Advising

The AEC Cross-Cultural Advisors are available in the AEC office to talk with you about any concerns or problems that you may have during the semester. The advisors are prepared to discuss matters of attendance, cultural adjustment, health, family, academics, and other matters of personal concern. The advisors want to help make your stay here a comfortable and rewarding one. To make an appointment with an AEC Cross-Cultural Advisor, please call the AEC (864-4606) or stop by the office (204 Lippincott Hall).


Cultural Adjustment

The cultural adjustment process happens to you when you start to live in a new culture. When you first arrive, everything is usually new and exciting. Then, later, the excitement may go away and you may get the unpleasant feelings of culture shock. These stages of adjustment happen to everyone who lives in a new culture. It is normal, but it doesn’t last forever! Usually the first year of living in a new country is the hardest. 

To learn more about the cultural adjustment process, watch this presentation:


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