Courses for KU International Students

The Applied English Center has classes for all international students!  Even if you’ve already demonstrated your English language proficiency, we have classes you can enjoy.  These classes are listed as AESP 160: Applied English Center Special Topics.  Here are some of our offerings:

AESP 160: Connecting with Your Community.  Sometimes it is challenging to find ways to fit in to a new culture and make new friends. This is a great course for newly arrived students or students looking for opportunities to engage in the surrounding culture. During the course, you will participate in some campus and community events, take part in a volunteer experience, and do some readings on specific aspects of American culture.

AESP 160: Good Grammar for Clear Writing.  Are you feeling nervous about your English grammar? Are you worried that your writing is unclear?  Since grammar is fundamental to clear and fluent academic writing, you need good control of grammar to be successful in academic writing tasks.  This class focuses on advanced grammar structures in writing. In the class, you will complete in-class writing assignments each week and get individualized feedback on grammar errors in your writing. You will learn to identify your grammar weaknesses and fix them!

AESP 160: Good Pronunciation for Clear Communication.  Are you confident in your English language pronunciation?  Lacking confidence in pronunciation can have far-reaching consequences academically, culturally, and socially.  Most English language learners have never had the opportunity to have focused, guided practice in mastering English pronunciation rules.  In this class, you will gain knowledge of the individual sounds and “music” of the language and apply that knowledge in real-world situations.  By the end of the course, you will be easier to understand and will have increased confidence in situations where English is spoken.



One of the first 12 intensive English programs in the United States
Each semester year, the AEC enrolls about 250 students representing more than 35 countries on six continents.
Start working on your degree now! You can take university classes for credit at the same time you are taking English classes.
Earn university credits now! You can use 9 AEC credits as elective credits toward your KU degree in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Business, and Architecture.
Fulfill a university requirement! Completion of your English proficiency requirements means you have finished your foreign language requirement at the University of Kanas.
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