AEC Class Rules

Attendance Requirements

Attend classes regularly.  If you expect to be absent, you should notify your instructors.  If you are absent, you should ask your instructors about the information you missed.  You should ask your instructors about the possibility of making up missed assignments.  Different instructors may have different rules about making up missing assignments, so be sure you understand the rules for each class.

Arrive at class at least a few minutes before the class begins and stay in class until the end of class.  If you expect to be more than 10 minutes late for class, or if you expect to leave class more than 10 minutes early, or if you expect to miss more than 10 minutes of the class at any time, you should tell your instructor in advance.  You will be counted absent.

The AEC expects that you will attend every class session, except in cases of serious illness or emergencies.  Missing classes can hurt your progress in learning English.  Moreover, excessive absences are disruptive to the class and can cause extra work for the instructor.  You are expected to schedule personal appointments outside of class time.

If you have a prolonged illness or other situation that causes you to have a large number of absences, you should make an appointment to see a cross-cultural advisor.  Your absences will not be excused, but your circumstances can be documented on your file.

If you miss more than 15% in all of your classes combined, you will be put on probation at the end of the semester. 

Excused Absences

The AEC does not excuse absences for any reason except for mandated (required) religious observances.  If you have a long illness or other situation that causes you to have a large number of absences, you should make an appointment to see a cross-cultural advisor.  Your absences will not be excused, but your reasons can be written in your file.

The University of Kansas and the AEC have a policy about absences due to mandated religious observances (i.e., a religious holiday).  An absence for a religious holiday will be excused.  Your instructors will tell you about this on their course policy sheet.  If you have questions about being excused because of a religious holiday, please visit the AEC office.

Homework and Assignments

Homework is an essential part of the AEC program. You are expected to complete all homework and other class assignments on time.

Active Participation

Classroom exercises and activities are important in developing your skills in English. Participate actively in class. Ask and answer questions as your instructor allows and join in discussions and activities. The language of the classroom is English. Speak English in and outside of class as much as possible.

KU Rules for Students

The University of Kansas has rules about student behavior.  You should look at these rules so that you know about your rights and your responsibilities as a university student.  If you have questions about something, please make an appointment to talk to an AEC cross-cultural advisor.

  • Article 2, Section 6: Academic Misconduct

This part is very important.  It explains a very important idea at any American university: academic misconduct.  Misconduct means doing something bad or wrong.  For example, if a student copies work from another student, or does the class work for another student, they can be in a lot of trouble.

This is the whole reading that includes the part above (academic misconduct):

  • Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Asking For Extra Help

Your AEC instructors are available to help you outside of class and can meet with you to discuss your classwork. You should find out from each instructor the times he or she will be in the office. You can then make an appointment to meet with your instructor during his or her office hours to discuss any problems you are having in that particular class.

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