AEC Student Activities

Each semester the AEC has several student activities throughout the semester. Student activities are a great way to make new friends and get involved in the university and the community while practicing your English. We organize activities to enhance your experience of living and studying abroad as well as giving you opportunities to practice your English in the “real world”. If you want to improve your English skills, it is important to take your English outside of the classroom.

There are many kinds of AEC activities, such as visiting museums, playing sports, attending local cultural events, and celebrating American holidays. AEC activities are open to AEC students only. However, we also attend university activities where you have a chance to mix with other KU students.

How do you find out about activities?  Watch your email.  Activity announcements are sent out to your KU email address. You can also click the link to activities on the AEC website, check the AEC Conversation Group Facebook site (go to Facebook and search for “Applied English Center Conversation Groups”), or check the bulletin board in the hallway outside the AEC office.

Here are the guidelines that you need to follow to participate in activities:

  1. You must be enrolled in AEC courses to attend AEC activities. 
  2. You must sign up in the AEC before the deadline or you cannot attend the activity.
  3. Some activities are free and some cost money. Check the flyer for this information.
  4. Some activities have a limit of how many people can go. Check the flyer for this information.
  5. At least four students must sign up for each activity. If we have less than four, the activity will be cancelled.
  6. If an activity is cancelled, due to rain or not enough students, we will send you an email.
  7. You may need to purchase tickets online before an activity. If you would like help, a conversation leader at conversation groups will be happy to help you any time.
  8. A great way to prepare for these activities and practice the vocabulary you learn from them is to attend conversation groups on the first floor of the Kansas Union.

If you have questions about an activity, email Tiffany Edwards, AEC Education Program Specialist, at  You can also talk to the conversation leaders at conversation groups for information and details.

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