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Children's Clothes

Children’s clothes are often expensive, and children may wear them for only a short time because they are growing. A cheaper way to get children’s clothes is to buy used or secondhand clothes. There are several used clothing stores in Lawrence. 

Another way to buy children’s clothes is at garage or yard sales. These are sales people have at their homes. These sales are common on weekends during the spring, summer, and fall. They are usually listed in the classified advertisements at the end of the newspapers. You may also see signs for these sales along the streets in Lawrence. Children’s clothes often sell very quickly at garage and yard sales, so you need to go early.

Founded in 1964 as part of a Ford Foundation campus internationalization grant
One of the first 12 intensive English programs in the United States
The AEC comprises three units: the Intensive English Program, Short-term Programs, and KU Outreach Programs.
Each semester, the AEC enrolls about 550 students representing more than 35 countries on six continents
The Applied English Center offers field trips and conversation groups to our students