Transportation in Lawrence

Local Bus Service

KU on Wheels and the Lawrence Transit System are the two bus services in Lawrence. KU on Wheels is financed by the Student Activity Fee that all KU and AEC students pay as part of their tuition. You can ride KU on Wheels and Lawrence Transit System buses free of charge with your KU ID. You can get exact bus routes and schedules from the bus drivers or at the Center for Campus Life in room 400 of the Kansas Union. For information on bus routes, fares and hours of operation for the Lawrence Transit System, contact them at 864-4644 or stop by their office located at 930 East 30th Street - Lawrence.

The Lawrence Transit System also has a Night Line service that operates from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday to Saturday; cost is $2 per person, cash only; you must make an advance reservation during regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday; call 785-312-7504.  This service is not available on Sunday.


Taxis are more expensive than other types of transportation in Lawrence. You can call for a taxi at 842‑8294, but it sometimes takes several minutes for the cab to pick you up. When you call, you should tell the dispatcher where you are and where you would like to go.

Private Cars

Some students own cars, and this is very convenient if you live far from campus and like to go many places. However, owning a car requires certain responsibilities: you must have a valid driver’s license, you must buy automobile insurance, and you must pay for license tags, registration, and property tax each year. And, of course, you must pay for gas and maintenance. Cars are not allowed on the university campus during the school day and it costs money to park near campus. Students who park illegally will be fined. You should check with the Office of International Student Services or with the AEC cross-cultural advisors for advice about buying a car.

KU SafeRide

Go to this website for information:

Bicycles and Mopeds

Many students have a bicycle or moped. These are allowed on campus. You must buy a parking permit for a moped from the Parking Department. Bicycle registration is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.  You may register your bicycle at KU Public Safety (1501 Crestline Drive, Suite 120) or the Lawrence Police Department (111 East 11th Street). Write down and take with you the serial number from your bike. You should buy a good bicycle security chain and lock to protect your bike or moped from theft.

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