Questions and Problems: Who to see, what to do

Applications to the AEC

  • Do you have a friend or relative who wants to study at the AEC? See the admissions coordinator at the AEC (or write to

Applications to Colleges and Universities

  • Do you want to apply for admission to KU or another college or university? See the AEC cross-cultural advisors, undergraduate international admissions (the Office of International Student Services), or the appropriate graduate department chairperson.

Attendance Questions

  •  Have you been absent from your class?  Talk to your instructor first, the AEC cross-cultural advisors second.


  • Do you know what books to buy for your classes? Do you know which assignment is due tomorrow? Do you understand the material that was presented in class? See your instructors first, the AEC cross-cultural advisors second.

Class Schedule and Placement

  • Are you having problems with the times that your classes meet? Do you have questions or concerns about your placement into a certain class or level? For either of these issues, see the AEC cross-cultural advisors.

Grievance/Compliant Procedures

  • Do you have complaints about services at KU? See the AEC cross-cultural advisors for a list of offices or committees to study your complaint. Do you have complaints about an AEC course or about the AEC?  Make an appointment with an AEC cross-cultural advisor.


  • Do you have questions about your passport, visa, I-20, or I-94? See the AEC cross-cultural advisors or the Office of International Student Services.

Personal Problems

  • Do you have questions concerning health, housing, family, recreation, or transportation? Are you concerned about your social or personal adjustment? See the AEC cross-cultural advisors.

General Information

  • If you have general questions concerning KU or Lawrence, you can always call the Information Center at 864-3506. The Information Center will answer your questions or listen to you.  At some times during the day, there will be a person there to talk with you—other times of the day, there will be an automated answer.
  • For information concerning international students, the Office of International Student Services in 2 Strong Hall (864‑3617) will be glad to help you.

Founded in 1964 as part of a Ford Foundation campus internationalization grant
One of the first 12 intensive English programs in the United States
Each semester, the AEC enrolls about 250 students representing more than 35 countries on six continents
The Applied English Center offers field trips and conversation groups to our students
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities