Resources for International Students

Office of International Student Services

  • 2 Strong Hall, 864-3617
  • This office offers counseling and help for international students enrolled at KU and the Applied English Center. If they do not know the answer to your questions, they will tell you where you can find the answer.

Admissions of International Students

  • If you are an AEC student whose I-20 was issued by the Applied English Center and you wish to study for a degree at KU, you must apply for admission to KU.
  • If you are an undergraduate student, you should speak with International Student Services or International Admissions, 45 Strong Hall, 864-2616.
  • If you are a graduate student, you will need to talk with people in the department in which you wish to study. Graduate Admissions: Department chairperson or Director of Graduate Studies of the various departments and the graduate studies office of the various schools.

Study Abroad & Global Engagement

  • 108 Lippincott Hall, 864-3742
  • This office works with KU students wishing to study overseas and with international students on university exchange programs who come to KU to study.

International Student Association

  • or
  • This campus organization serves as the mother organization for all the national organizations on campus (such as the Chinese Student Association or the Malaysian Student Association). It sponsors the Festival of Nations and the International Banquet each year. The International Club is a good way to meet other people from your country, other international students, and American students interested in international students.

Legal Services for Students

  • 312 Burge Union, 864-5665
  • Student Legal Services provides advice and consultation for KU students on legal matters, including review of leases and other legal documents, immigration problems, and legal research. Services are provided by an attorney and/or law students. Telephone for an appointment.

Lawrence Friendship Family Program

  • International Student Services, 864-3617
  • This Lawrence organization serves international students by putting them in contact with Lawrence families. This gives the students the opportunity to take part in U.S. family life and to share their own customs and lifestyles with Americans. If you are interested, contact the Office of International Student Services. The Host Family Program does not operate during the summer session.

Small World Program for Wives and Children

  • 2415 Clinton Parkway, 841-3645
  • This Lawrence organization helps international women, usually wives of international students. English classes, craft workshops, and preschool care are a part of a regular program of activities. Small World has meetings on Tuesday and Thursday each week at 2415 Clinton Parkway. Call the number listed or International Student Services for more information. Small World does not have meetings during the summer session.

Testing Services

The TOEFL, GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and other examinations are often required by some American colleges and universities for admission of international students. You can get more information about these examinations at the Testing Services Center in Watkins Health Center.  (Note: TOEFL scores cannot be used instead of the AEC Final Exam scores for students enrolled in AEC courses. AEC students must take the AEC Final Exam.)

University Senate Standing Committee on International Students

The University Senate is part of the government of the university. The University Senate makes rules and regulations affecting the entire university community. Its International Student Committee studies and makes recommendations on all affairs affecting international students at KU. If you are concerned about rules of the university, you should talk with the chairperson of this committee. The AEC director can tell you how to contact the chairperson.

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