AEC Important Dates

CategorySpring 2023Summer 2023Fall 2023
Travel Dates (Fall to Spring)December 10 - January 16Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Travel Dates (Spring to Summer)Information PendingInformation PendingNot Applicable
Travel Dates (Spring to Fall)Information PendingNot ApplicableMay 6 - August 20
Travel Dates (Summer to Fall)Not ApplicableNot ApplicableAugust 5 - August 20
First Day of ClassesJanuary 17June 6August 21
IEP Diagnostic ExamsJanuary 17June 6August 21
Conversation Groups BeginJanuary 30June 13September 5
The Point Tutoring Services BeginJanuary 30ClosedSeptember 5
Conversation Groups EndApril 21July 21November 17
The Point Tutoring Services EndApril 28ClosedDecember 1
Last Day of IEP ClassesApril 28July 28December 1
Last Day of KU ClassesMay 4July 28December 7
IEP Semester Results AvailableMay 3August 2December 6
Final Grades ReportedMay 19August 4December 22
Holidays and Breaks (No Classes)March 13 - 17July 4

September 4

October 16 - 17

November 22 - 24

Table reflects important events and dates for fall, spring, and summer semesters