AEC Important Dates

CategoryFall 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023
Travel Dates (Fall to Spring)Not ApplicableDecember 10 - January 16Not Applicable
Travel Dates (Spring to Summer)Not ApplicableInformation PendingInformation Pending
Travel Dates (Spring to Fall)May 7 - August 21Information PendingNot Applicable
Travel Dates (Summer to Fall)August 6 - August 21Not ApplicableNot Applicable
First Day of ClassesAugust 22January 17June 6
IEP Diagnostic ExamsAugust 22January 17June 6
Conversation Groups BeginSeptember 6January 30June 13
The Point Tutoring Services BeginAugust 29January 30Closed
Conversation Groups EndNovember 18April 21July 21
The Point Tutoring Services EndDecember 2April 28Closed
Last Day of IEP ClassesDecember 2April 28July 28
Last Day of KU ClassesDecember 8May 4July 28
IEP Semester Results AvailableDecember 7May 3August 2
Final Grades ReportedDecember 23May 19August 4
Holidays and Breaks (No Classes)

September 5

October 10 - 11

November 23 - 25

March 13 - 17July 4

Table reflects important events and dates for fall, spring, and summer semesters